Jenny Ward

Educator, Author, Speaker, Creator of Peace and Play

MFA, RYT, Licensed Mediator, Educator 25 years

Services for Schools, Teachers, Corporations, Non-Profits, Kids

Peace and Play is a mindfulness based interactive curriculum specifically designed to meet our client’s needs created by Jenny Ward.  The focus of Peace and Play is on the following  within each interactive workshop/training:

  1. Compassion and empathy (for others and ourselves)
  2. Inner compass- can we learn and trust our inner voice before seeking outer approval/justification?
  3. Creativity and the importance of laughter.
  4. Emotional flexibility and agility. How to use our emotions as tools for learning and growth.
  5. Connection to ourselves, our loved ones, our community, and our world.

Each workshop touches upon these key factors and adding in any additional needs/resources that is called upon by our client.

The following modalities are used based off the need of the client;  art, writing, movement, yoga, meditation, music, theater improvisation and collaborative building exercises.

What our clients/families experience

  • Experience the benefits of attunement and developmental movement

  • Develop group skills through productive collaborations (making eye contact, active listening, understanding role clarity, celebrating inspiration, acknowledging each other, various levels of permission seeking, turn taking)

  • Deepen awareness of self and other (identifying feelings, exploring trust and empathy, finding patience, experiencing gratitude, appreciating self and others, emotional agility)

  • Foster a relationally safe culture of inclusion and confidence:( celebrating mistakes, accomplishments & discoveries)

  • Engage in appropriate risk-taking (self-expression, being seen and heard.)

  • Develop Problem Solving and Conflict Skills (using I statements in conflict, reflection of choices, NVP communication)

About Jenny

Renowned speaker and author Jenny Ward has crossed the continent, bringing play, work/life balance, and work/life workshops to Visa, Google, You Tube, Merrill Lynch, the Girl Scouts, YMCA, Stanford, Dove, Nickelodeon, the Bowman School, the Palo Alto Unified School District, Toronto School District, and many other corporations and nonprofits organizations. Her individual clients have enjoyed working with Jenny on parenting and play, stress eradication, recovery and meditation, and play-based living for more than a decade. Her work has been recognized in many media outlets. A graduate of the State University of New York, New Paltz, where she majored in psychology, Jenny received her MFA in dance education, choreography, and performance/ education from New York University. She is a licensed yoga educator  (over 500 hours, specializing in yoga therapy and family yoga), wellness coach and the author of Who Said So101 Ways to Play, and (to be released 2019) Who Said So about Parenting. 

Why peace and play?

I grew up with an alcoholic father and learned at an early age the power of creativity and imagination. With the absence of my father and the role of taking care of my own mother, I grew up rather quickly. Play became obsolete and perfection became my new best friend. This led me to years of abusing my body through eating disorders and over-exercising. My real healing began when I hit rock bottom after a bad plastic surgery experience.  I knew that life was offering me another opportunity and began to practice a new relationship to life and my own past. 

There is no doubt that each and every aspect of my life has led me to a deeper understanding that we all desire to be seen, held and loved. This however is not something we can GET from outside of us.  My approach to life is that it is a PLAY. We have dramatic scenes at times, or love scenes, and it is our approach to it that creates balance within us.  My approach is we are all here to experience ALL aspects of who we are – and that shame has no business getting involved in that process.  Wellness is not just how you eat or move – wellness is a holistic approach to your values, and how you choose to respond to outer stresses. 

We are here to play, so we might as well enjoy the ride. 

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